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Innov’Alliance is part of a network of more than 80 clusters present in 20 countries. This network is a solid base of trusted partners. Innov’Alliance can rely on them to connect its members to find a missing skill, a missing technology or to propose one of its company to meet a request. Different types of clusters compose the network. They can be dedicated to the vegetal sector or present a more technological / digital profile (solution providers).

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The S3 smart specialisation platform

Innov’Alliance is active within the S3 Smart Specialisation Platform,
a network issued from the European Commission.

logo flèche Through S3 partnerships, Innov’Alliance is in touch with a close network of reliable partners across Europe. As a result, European projects with trusted partners can be built. Those partnerships are also essential for finding partners or innovative technologies at European level for Innov’Alliance members.
Logo smart specialisation platform

Innov’Alliance is part of 3 partnerships issued from the S3 platform:

Smart Sensors 4 Agri-Food

Support the digitization of agro-food industries

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The food industry recently started to adopt 4.0 technologies. In Europe, the agri-food industry is generally a sector made up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Those companies do not always have the internal skills to integrate 4.0 technologies (data acquisition, artificial intelligence, robotization, etc.) which are essential for improving their economic performance. The goal of this S3 partnership is to remove barriers in the adoption of those sensors by food companies and thus facilitate the 4.0 transition of the food industry.

Nutritional Ingredients

Develop new ingredients (bio-based techno functional ingredients for food or non-food industries)
Consumers are turning to sustainable products to protect their health and well-being. Needs for new ingredients and alternative food products are rising. To meet this demand, co-products from the food industry can be used to make functional / nutritional ingredients. The objective of the partnership is to link agrifood and bioeconomy players in order to ease innovation process in the field of ingredients and associated sectors (food or not).

Consumer Involvement in Agri-Food

Consumer-centric approach alongside the whole agri-food value chain
The aim of this partnership is to strengthen the involvement of consumers in the innovation process. To establish a healthy and resilient food system, the active participation of consumers is essential to develop products that meet their expectations. This process should be carried out in collaboration with universities, businesses and public institutions. Several challenges to take up: developing economic models in line with consumer needs / values, giving consumers a voice when it comes to product design, open innovation process with involvement of consumer panels.


The plant inter cluster network brings together clusters specialized in vegetal value chains. The aim is to facilitate the construction of European projects, to help cluster members to find skills or missing technologies at European level and to develop partnerships.

logo plant intercluster

To do so, several objectives are set:
logo flèche Exchanges of best practices in innovation processes,
logo flèche Support for technological cooperation and partnerships for innovation
logo flèche Identification of complementary international skills in order to remove technological bottlenecks
logo flèche International business opportunities (prospection and commercial values).


The global cosmetics cluster is a network gathering 20 clusters from 18 countries. The goal is to ensure international cluster collaboration between cosmetics cluster. This network is a place to gain visibility and to build international and European projects. As a result, those projects will open up opportunities for clusters’ members and their innovation processes.

the missions realized by the Global Cosmetics Cluster:

logo flèche A network to support international cluster collaboration

  • To develop complementarity services between participating cluster
  • To encourage the exchange of good practices
  • To support the development of a global ecosystem of innovative companies dedicated for cosmetics

logo flèche A network as a gateway to SMEs internationalization

  • To simplify access to international partners
  • To ease the matchmaking of skills or technologies between international partners

logo flèche A network as a place for international cosmetics expertise

  • The place for companies to promote at international level their scientific expertise and complementarities
  • The place to encourage the development of a global ecosystem of innovating and eco-friendly cosmetics businesses
  • The place to promote traditional and existing skills and know-how


Innov’Alliance is close to the European institutions thanks to the permanent representations of the Sud Provence Alpes Côte d´Azur region and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in Brussels.

Both regions are present in Brussels in order to bring regional interests to the European Union.
Innov’Alliance is in regular contact with the two permanent representations in order to be informed of the latest developments concerning possible funding under the 2021-2027 research and innovation program, Horizon Europe. In conjunction with the NCPs (national contact points), the two regions inform us of the progress of Horizon Europe cluster 6 dedicated to Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and the Environment.


logo entreprise europe network

Innov’Alliance is partner of enterprise europe network (EEN) to find relevant European partners (commercial, technological, R&D) for Innov’Alliance members. EEN is a network funded by the European Commission.

This network provides companies with an information service, advice on European law and development assistance throughout their innovation and internationalization projects.

In France, Enterprise Europe Network France brings together Chambers of Commerce and Industry, BPI France and regional innovation or internationalization agencies.