Innov’Alliance is involved in four major European projects


AlpBioEco: dealing with valorization of by-products (end of project mid-2021)

S3FOOD: digitization process of agro-food industries (end of project last quarter 2022)


Food-scalEUp: expanding the European digital agri-food acceleration ecosystem (expected start in September 2022)

B-Resilient: building the biomass resilience of food producing and processing SMEs through green and digitalised value chains (expected start in September 2022)

Bioeconomy – Exploring bio based value chains

AlpBioEco is an EU project co-financed through the Interreg Alpine Space Program and by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. 13 project partners from 5 Alpine countries work together for an innovative sustainable development in the Alpine space. In four working packages, project partners investigate the bioeconomic potential of three value chains: apples, walnuts and herbs and develop new business models to be tested in pilot studies. AlpBioEco contributes to the framework conditions for innovation, resulting in eco-innovative business ideas and concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Alpine region.

For more information, please visit AlpBioEco website, project results and the final report.

Digitization – Agrifood industries

S3FOOD – “Smart Sensor System for Food Safety, Quality Control and Resource Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry”, Innosup S3FOOD project seeks to digitalize the agri-food SMEs of Europe. Project partners will fully grasp the needs and challenges of the agri-food industry and will explore key technologies to face them. Project partners will define the digital gaps and start making relevant matches between agri-food SMEs and technology providers. This project will help rural areas and its actors (farmers…) to go further in the digital transformation. All along the project, SMEs are invited to apply for vouchers to fund their innovative projects related to digitization in agri-food industries.

For more information, please visit S3FOOD website and the map where many tech partners are listed to support agri-food industries in their digitization journey.


Food_scalEUp is a collaborative project involving 10 organisations covering 11 regions (5 emerging & moderate innovator regions and 6 leader and strong innovator regions, according to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard) in 5 countries. The project long-term vision is to foster the capacity of European regional agri-food digital innovation ecosystems, especially in “emerging” and “moderate”
innovator regions, to be more:

connected among their regional stakeholders but also with other European regional ecosystems; thus, advancing towards a European acceleration ecosystem;

effective, by fostering the successful scaling-up of technology start-ups and SMEs;

impactful, in terms of fostering the digital and green transition of the food industry;

resilient; thus, still effective under crisis and highly changing conditions; and
internationally recognised by and attractive for companies from other countries.


Taking into account the challenges experienced in the agri-food ecosystem and building on opportunities identified during the COVID19 pandemic, the overall objective of the B-Resilient project is to empower food producing and processing SMEs (FP² SMEs) to become more resilient by means of an optimum use of biomass. Since biomass is the key component of the agri-food ecosystem and the bioeconomy, the project will focus on maximising usage of available feedstock and the valorisation of side-streams into biobased ingredients in a wide variety of ways, building on zero-waste and circular concepts. Noteworthy, the needs and opportunities in the agri-food sector overlap/intersect very much with those in other sectors dealing with formulation of new/improved/more fossil-free and locally sourced products as a key step: all industrial sectors working with bio-based ingredients, i.e. ingredients and building blocks derived from biomass.

The project will open up opportunities for FP² SMEs for new (European & international) values chains and to deploy new bio-based business models and services, creating business continuity for their own and for other value chain actors. Further, digital technologies will be adopted to enable the creation of new (circular) solutions and augment their economic and ecologic sustainability. The project will thereby contribute to building resilience within the agri-food ecosystem and accelerate the transition
of the SMEs towards a green and digital economy, hence meeting the key objectives of the updated EU Industrial Strategy.