Innov’Alliance is involved in several European projects



European Digital Innovation Hubs

The aim of MINASMART is to support small and medium-sized companies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in their digital transformation and innovation, within the 6 strategic regional sectors – energy, mechanical engineering, textiles, environment, agritech/foodtech and health – as well as the industry of the future in a cross-functional approach.

The 12 partners will provide a range of services for SME focused on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and high performance computing

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September 2022 – August 2025


Unlock the development of innovative bio-based agri-food value chains 

B-Resilient sets an ambitious package of support actions to empower food processing SMEs to become more resilient by means of an optimum use of biomass, and with appropriate digital solutions. The project focuses on maximizing the use of available feedstock and its subsequent valorization of side streams into innovative bio-based ingredients. B-Resilient project is built on a zero-waste and circular concept, improving the competitiveness of food processing SME from an environmentally sustainable perspective. 

B-Resilient Project brings together 8 leading European clusters from 5 Different countries. The project counts with 1,5 million as total budget of European funding issued by the SMP COSME programme. 1,12 million out of the total budget goes directly to Food Processing SME thanks to the B-Resilient Financial Support to Third Parties Scheme.  

The vouchers available under the Scheme will enhance: 

  • Innovation, by addressing close-to-market innovation projects and funding support from financing solution and technology providers that inject knowhow into the participating SMEs regarding innovative, green and/or digital processes and technologies;  
  • Business resilience, by supporting relevant knowledge, training, and learning opportunities to draw up Business Continuity Plans for SMEs, guided by experts; 
  • Internationalization, by financing internationalization services by thirds parties 

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December 2022November 2025 


enHancing dIgital and Green growtH in the Food processing industry via Interregional innoVation invEstments

The aim of HIGHFIVE is to support and facilitate the implementation of digital solutions in food processing SMEs. This through interregional innovation investments to accelerate the dual (digital and green) transition in Europe. 

The project provides three years of support for agri-food companies to succeed in the global value chains, strong international competition, market and innovation barriers, and rapid digital and green transformation. 

HIGHFIVE is funded under the I3 (Interregional Innovation Investments) initiative. 

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September 2022 – September 2024


Expanding the European digital agri-food acceleration ecosystem

The objective of the FoodscalEUp project is to develop new acceleration services for SMEs and startups and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices between accelerators.  

FoodscalEUp gathers 10 European clusters from the agrifood and digital sectors coming from 11 regions across EU based ion 5 EU countries (France, Germany ,Hungary, Spain, The Netherlands).  

Food-scalEUp is funded by Horizon Europe 

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May 2019 – September 2022


Digital innovation in the agri-food industry

S3FOOD is a research and innovation supporting European project under Horizon 2020 (Innosup) programme.  It specifically aimed at SMEs from the food processing industry, technology providers and providers of digital solutions. 

The project provided 2.8 million euros to support European SMEs via project vouchers, to be used either as a travel budget to participate in study visits and matchmaking events (travel vouchers), or to carry out feasibility studies, validation research and implementation studies, etc. for the application of smart systems in the company (innovation vouchers). 

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April 2018 – April 2021


Bioeconomy – Exploring bio based value chains

AlpBioEco is an EU project co-financed through the Interreg Alpine Space Programme and by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. 13 project partners from 5 Alpine countries worked together for an innovative sustainable development in the Alpine space. During the project implementation, the project partners investigated the bioeconomic potential of three value chains: apples, walnuts and herbs and develop new business models , tested in pilot studies. 

The results are available on the project’s website: